Writing Ideas – Where to get them?

Guest Post by:  Chantel Rhondeau

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Something I’m often asked by readers is how I come up with so many ideas. Usually when people hear I have my next eleven books just waiting to be written, they are shocked. The truth is, I’m bombarded with new ideas every day. I never write anything down unless it is an idea for one of my series books (I have to keep better track of that). The rest of the ideas roam around on their own. I figure, if they are any good, they’ll be there when I need them.

Finding ideas is easy. Finding good ideas is more difficult. I’m guilty of a lot of procrastination, to tell the truth, but it gets the job done for me. I spend time on Facebook looking at controversial posts from different places (usually regarding religion, politics, or human rights) and I read the comments to get both sides of the argument. Just the other day, I read about how unsympathetic people were toward the working class who need food stamps, even though they work two jobs and have kids to feed, and it struck deep emotions in me. It also gave me a great story idea. So, procrastination works for me. If I get story ideas then I can count it as writing time—I’ve started calling it research **wink, wink**

I also get ideas from watching the news. In LBW (life before writing) I hated watching it. There are a lot of depressing things always bombarding us, and I prefer to look at life through rose-colored glasses. To keep up my happy-go-lucky attitude, I avoided hearing all the sad things that happen. However, real life makes for great fiction, so every once in a while I force myself to turn on the evening news.

Other ideas come out of the blue. Murderous Lies actually came to me in a dream. I was Rose, my heroine in this book, and Max had just walked back into my life. I knew he killed my sister and I hated him, but I also loved him. When I woke up, the dream stayed with me. I figured it would fade, but Max and Rose became very vocal, demanding I write their story instead of the one I had planned to write next. Once I started, I couldn’t quit. I wrote their story faster than any before, and I had a great time doing it.

When I first started this writing journey, I only had one idea (and not a very good one at that). I think the more creative you are, the more creative you become. By the time I finished my first title that was of a quality to publish, I already had ideas for many more books. Now my problem isn’t finding ideas, it’s finding ways to write them faster.

If you want to become an author, my advice is to go for it. Find some free help on-line to get started, but most importantly WRITE. You will find that one day soon, the ideas will be so plentiful that you will have to weed out the ones you aren’t truly passionate about turning into stories.

My biggest advice though is this: whatever you do in life, be happy and don’t forget the rose-colored glasses.


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