New Music on My Playlist

New Music on My Playlist

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Although I profess to be a book-aholic, music is an equally important part of my life. I have no God-given musical talents. You don’t want to hear me sing and I tried my hand at the flute when I was 10 and I went down in flames trying to learn to read notes. I sing in the shower and play air guitar while pretending to be the lead singer of my own band. One can dream.

More than the lyrics, if the beat doesn’t move me some way, I will not bother to listen. Over the years, I’ve collected somewhere along the lines of 10,000 records. I am in the process of cataloging all my music and so far, I’ve been able to create playlists for just about every emotion I go through (melancholy, elation, pissy, pained, etc.) I have playlists for writing specific kinds of scenes and playlists for working out or doing absolutely nothing but lounging on the couch. I even have sleepy-time playlists.

My tastes range a multitude of genres. Populating my iTunes library, you’ll find the likes of Sinatra and Maroon 5, Eminem and Chris Brown side-by-side Indian music from my dad’s generation and the latest Bollywood hits. Bhangra, ghazals, reggae, rap, classical, rock, punk, etc. keep my toes tapping and my fingers snapping.

This week was monumental at the iTunes store. I gulped when I realized just how much I spent on music. This week’s total rang higher than my book buys. Here’s new music on my playlist (some of it anyway,) downloaded this week and playing on repeat:

Extraordinary – Clean Bandit (featuring Sharna Bass,) New Eyes

Come Over – Clean Bandit (featuring Stylo G), New Eyes

A + E – Clean Bandit (featuring Kandaka Moore, Nikki Cislyn,) New Eyes

A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay, Ghost Stories

Ink – Coldplay, Ghost Stories

Don’t – Ed Sheeran, X

Nina – Ed Sheeran, X

Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran, X

Come Get it Bae – Pharell Williams, G I R L

Maps – Maroon 5, V

It was Always You – Maroon 5, V

Shoot Love – Maroon 5, V

Here’s the Spotify playlist (you need to have Spotify installed in order to listen:) 


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