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The Climax (Books 1 and 2) Book Cover The Climax (Books 1 and 2)
The Publicist
Christina George
December 15, 2014

The Author Visits received The Climax by Christina George in exchange for an honest review.

The Climax Part 1 and 2:
Rating: 5 Stars

The Climax Parts 1 and 2 are the final installments in Christina George’s three-part romantic series, The Publicist. This review will span both books.

Kate Mitchell has moved on from Morris and Dean. She now runs a rather successful publishing outfit, named in honor of her dear friend, the acclaimed author and late Allan Lavigne. With its first breakthrough success with Allan’s second and final book, After the Fall, The Lavigne House is on its way up with a number of major titles poised for release and Kate is crazy busy with running the show.

While everything on the career front is chaotic in a good way, things in the other part of Kate’s life, namely her love life, could be better. Mac is being Mac which equates to him being selfish and Kate is still making excuses for him to anybody that will listen. Except Dr. Ruth Ann Wilson. Everyone needs a good therapist and Dr. Ruth Ann is just what Kate needs at a time when her life seems to be one eventful incident after another. With Mac in California then Paris to help his ex-wife during her battle with cancer, Kate truly believes Mac is being benevolent. But what’s that saying, “a leopard cannot change its spots nor a zebra its stripes.”

Then there is Nick, he’s in and out of Manhattan for one reason or other and the two always find a way back to each other, innocently or under pretense. Things are also in flux on that front. Nick thinks he’s found someone to love and take Kate’s place but his best attempt to put the woman he’s truly in love with behind him is rather a moot point.

The perpetual Mac, Kate, Nick love triangle never ceases. Even when I think Kate is on the cusp of moving on with Mac, there’s someone that gets in the way of her making a choice, namely Dr. Ruth Ann.

With The Climax, we continue to live through the roller-coaster ride that is the Kate, Mac and Nick love-hate fest but there is a major evolution in characters. I loved how Nick grew a backbone and Kate made some genuine albeit late realizations about where her true intentions and affections really belong. And then there is Mac. Well, like I said, Mac is Mac. Period.

What I liked about The Climax:
1. Cast of characters:

Dr. Ruth Ann Wilson: She’s a bit over-the-top, unconventional and rather blunt but she is exactly the kind of person that Kate needed to help her cut through Mac’s bullshit and work her way through the upheaval of emotions he’d caused in her life the moment he kissed her so many years ago in the park. Gosh, I need a Dr. Ruth Ann in my own life!

Vivienne Lavigne: Nick’s baby sister and writer extraordinaire, Vivienne is a spit-fire who is equally frank, rather intuitive and far more evolved than Kate was over the course of three books.

2. Writing:

George’s writing was much tighter with the last of the two books. A lot happens in part 1 and 2 of The Climax however, George does a marvelous job with pacing, fitting in so much and avoiding monotony or the mundane. There was still some room to cut some scenes but I won’t dock George for that. There is a definite shift in writing style which is much more agreeable to me as a reader and reviewer. George definitely has grown as a writer and its evident from book 1 to the very last installment.

3. Storyline:

I definitely loved how Kate’s story ended. Kate experienced the best and worst life could offer. She dealt with loss and failure, scandal and heartbreak, unfaithfulness and dishonesty but still, she managed to glean the positive every lesson had to offer and came away more well-rounded and at peace.

What I didn’t like about The Climax:
1. Mac. Mac got what he deserved and rightfully so!

I really enjoyed The Climax Parts 1 and 2. George wrapped up the series nicely, working through each hole that needed to be filled and each storyline that needed concluding. At the onset of reading this series, I was disappointed and unsure whether I wanted to dedicate any more time to Kate’s story but I am glad I hung on. The writing got better, the storyline became more pronounced, the characters became well-rounded and matured and overall, the author came full-circle with a great ending, leaving me one satisfied reader.

My rating: A well-deserved 5 Stars.

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The Author Visits Reviews The Climax (Book 1 and 2) By Christina George

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