The Author Visits Reviews The Accidental Apprentice

The Accidental Apprentice Book Cover The Accidental Apprentice
Accidental Magik, Book #1
Anika Arrington
Xchyler Publishing
October 4, 2014

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Brilliant and ambitious, Rezdin the Wizard has one goal: impress the king, but he answers to Baron von Dappenshien who refuses him access to Court. Before Rezdin can maneuver himself into the limelight, the king charges von Dappenshien for treason, and Rezdin goes to ground. The wizard finds himself dependent upon the wits and good will of a starving street urchin. But what can he offer little Tommy in return? When old dangers and new alliances rear their menacing heads, Rezdin must decide where his true loyalties lie, and what to do with his new-found entourage of one.

The Accidental Apprentice is the debut novel by Anika Arrington. A magical fantasy set against a background of court intrigue, corruption and revenge, The Accidental Apprentice is unique and appealing.

Set in a world where the use of magic is rule-based, wizards cannot practice magic in its organic form but are contracted to use it per the whims of their masters.

The masters have their own agendas that set the stage for the central premise of The Accidental Apprentice.

Arrington chooses to tell the story using multiple points of views which added dimension to the story as characters plotted and recoiled as betrayals came to the fore-front.

Each character is driven by the ability to manipulate magic for better or worse and again, this adds more depth to the fate of the characters.

Noteworthy is the creativity behind the elements of magic, the rules of this world, the DMZ (the Demystifying Zone) and the markings, concepts that are unlike magical elements found in any fantasy I've read before and must say is the crux of why you need to read this book.

The Accidental Apprentice is beautifully written. Arrington has mastery over the use of language and that is refreshing, making the reading experience that much more pleasurable.

There is no graphic language or scenes that detract from the story. That translates to layer after layer of well orchestrated storytelling which adds to the appeal of Arrington's novel.

The story is steeped in plot, driven by conspiracy and scheming, focused on unraveling the machinations of the antagonists all within the space of confined rules.

The Accidental Apprentice is noteworthy; the magic distinct, the writing fluid with an entertaining storyline that makes for a stunning debut.

My rating: A must read for all fans of great writing that translates to great storytelling.

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The Author Visits Reviews The Accidental Apprentice

The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington

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