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The Grenshall Manor Chronicles (Book #1)
R. A. Smith
Xchyler Publishing
December 7, 2012

Over a century past, a wily young pauper wins the hearts of a childless couple of ancient nobility, and a place in one of the most prestigious families in London. The sole heir to the Grenshall family legacy, Iris 'Tally' Grenshall fights to protect her family from the machinations of an evil woman, but discovers her adversary presents a threat much greater than she ever imagined . . . 

The victim of a brutal attack, Rose remembers one thing: a long-dead woman giving her an impossible task. She knows only the price of failure as she sets out to retrieve a deadly talisman, with the aid of new friends and powers over the living and the dead. As the body count rises, Rose’s quest grows desperate--with London itself in jeopardy. 

Rose and Tally share fates intertwined. Rose must discover how before the secrets of the past destroy her, her friends, and all of London.

R. A. Smith's Oblivion Storm is the first novel in The Grenshall Manor Chronicles. A fast paced paranormal novel, Oblivion Storm is set in two parallel worlds, moving back and forth between modern day and Victorian London.

The tale of two women whose lives are intertwined by one goal, sets the stage for Oblivion Storm. An inexplicable attack by a monster leaves our protagonist brutally beaten and hospitalized. Her nightmare doesn't end there. When the same beast comes to attack her again, she is helped by a young woman named Jennifer who uses her unique talents aka supernatural gifts, to save Rose.

Rewind to the past where we meet the adopted heir of the Grenshall legacy, Tally Grenshall. Tally not only inherits considerable wealth but must contend with an incredibly evil enemy who is in the business of raising the dead.

Then there is a brilliant sapphire necklace, said to have powerful magic that is the crux of the battle between the good and the evil, a necklace that has been the bane for Tally and now Rose who is tasked to find it.

With the help of three women, Kara, Violet and Jennifer, Rose and Tally work together despite the time and dimension difference to bring down their common enemy.

The novel begins slowly, setting the stage, diagraming Tally's past and Rose's future straddled by the monster who kickstarts the story. The story clips at a steadier pace after the sixth chapter and progresses steadily as Rose tries to find the sapphire while trying to protect the city of London from the evil that strikes the unexpected humans while dealing with Tally.

The best scenes are those heavy with action, descriptively strong and alive. The plot is well developed and structurally strong however, there were a lot of background questions that I would have loved answered regarding some of the ancillary characters. The emotional facets of the final scenes between Rose and Tally were telling but needed a bit more dimension. There are a lot of plot twists and turns but the character development, though satisfactory could do with more dimension and weight.

I gave Oblivion Storm 5-stars because for a debut novel, R. A. Smith does a phenomenal job of creating a riveting story that is a unique entry into what I suspect will be an entertaining series. I look forward to reading Primal Storm.

Oblivion Storm is a must read! Enjoy!

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The Author Visits Reviews Oblivion Storm

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About R. A. Smith

Russell Smith

R. A. Smith lives in Manchester, UK with his girlfriend. Among his extended family, he counts two considerable war gaming armies and several bears, including Sir Arthur and Frost. A keen gamer, he is equally happy rolling a set of dice or suiting up in plate and swinging a sword at his friends. He can also be found on game consoles, generally unable to dance, shoot or kick a ball.

His favorite jobs held in the past have been working as an editor on his old student magazine, as a Tudor soldier, and as a time travelling guide (so is that in the future?) .

R. A. loves his cars and has a long list of things he wants to drive while he still can. He gained an M.A in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University and holds it as his proudest achievement to date before getting his first novel published.

Smith has released two novels for The X: Oblivion Storm, Book 1 of The Grenshall Manor Chronicles, in December of 2012, and Primal Storm, Book 2, January 2014.

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