Welcome – Publicity for Authors!

Thanks for stopping by! That’s right, launch day has finally arrived. I’ve been running around like a mad woman (thank you to my husband and kids for putting up with my craziness and to my awesome web designer Craig for helping me pull this site together.)

Trying to create a site whose sole focus is publicity for authors has been a harrowing yet satisfying experience. Still, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Nearly a dozen authors have graciously accepted my offer, partnering together to publicize their soon-to-be or already launched works or words (books.) This site is for them!

But The Author Visits cannot be successful without readers who cheer authors on.

Publicity for authors is a two-way street. Authors build powerful connections with their readership while readers, reviewers and tour hosts have the opportunity to enjoy some awesome writing, grow and solidify their own platforms.  It’s a win-win for all!

As a way to celebrate the launch, The Author Visits is hosting a gift give away. A $25 Amazon gift card can be yours just for supporting the cause.

So please, take a tour of the site. Hopefully, you’ll like what we’ve created. Then spread the word to anyone you know who’d benefit from what The Author Visits has to offer (no cost publicity for authors.)  Do your good karmic deed by helping the author community out. Your authors will be ever-grateful!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Your website is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I love your website and enthusiasm, lovely. I will be adding you to my book blog. Happy Sunday!

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