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Fighting for Desire Book Cover Fighting for Desire
Sarah Bale
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Ellora's Cave
July 9, 2014

Sarah Bale’s debut novel, Fighting for Desire is a contemporary erotic romance. With an interesting premise, the love story of Dev and Shannon is set against the backdrop of the competitive sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

High-school sweethearts, Dev and Shannon had planned a future together until one decision rocked their lives, tearing them apart.

Now, Dev is no longer the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but a successful MMA fighter with wealth that surpasses his wildest dreams. He tracks Shannon down and makes her an offer she cannot refuse. 

Soon, Dev and Shannon undertake an arrangement that is more pleasure than business. Things come crashing down around Dev when his little game turns into a battle between his heart and his head, something he isn’t prepared to contend with.

Just as conflicted as Dev is about his feeling for Shannon, she fronts her true feelings using her intense physical connection with Dev as a means to mend her broken heart. Easier said than done when she realizes she is in over her head and still deeply in love with the fighter. 

But when her past comes knocking on her door, instead of coming clean about her predicament, she is forced to play a dangerous game with Dev that can cost him his life. 

I enjoyed Sarah’s debut, a mix of intrigue, hot sex and a poignant love story. Dev and Shannon’s relationship is fueled by a physical hunger and passion that leaps off the page, blended with just the right amount of conflict that makes it an interesting read. The tainted protagonist adds a twist that is well-played out on the pages.

Sarah’s writing is fluid and a fine representation of the contemporary erotic romance genre. Dev and Shannon’s characters are well-developed. Shannon has a lot of secrets that portray her as vulnerable and almost victim-like, perhaps even desperate but she has true spirit, one that means well. 

I appreciated the passive-aggressive Dev as he worked through his feelings for Shannon which further added color and dimension to the fighter. 

Like any good romance, the couple in question must contend with a great deal before they have their happily-ever-after. Dev and Shannon are no different and Sarah has provided a multi-faceted set of internal and external conflicts that makes Fighting for Desire a great read.

My rating – a must read. This is a hot read that is both engaging and well-written.

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The Author Visits presents Sarah Bale, author of the debut release, Fighting for Desire.

Calendar of Events

Sunday, August 10 – Introducing Sarah Bale and kick-off giveaway

Monday, August 11 – Interview with Sarah

Wednesday, August 13 – Review of Fighting for Desire

Thursday, August 15 – Sarah’s Guest Post

Saturday, August 17 – What’s Next for Sarah; Announce Giveaway Winner 

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Jessica Cassidy!

What’s Next for Sarah

Right now I’m working on edits for a book with Ellora’s Cave called Hall Pass. This one is for their men’s line. I’m also working on a SECRET PROJECT. Keep an eye out on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Hopefully I will have some BIG news to share soon. 

Also, Sarah’s newest release Home In Your Arms, a fantasy erotic romance, is now out – on the heels of Fighting for Desire.

Book Information


Swept away in a tornado, Lexi lands in a magical realm where evil witches threaten everything. Lexi’s only hope of getting home is Ian, the hot leader of the royal guard. As soon as she sees him, she feels a connection to him that leaves her panting. But something is happening to her and she needs to reach the Sapphire Palace and the king to find out what.

Ian could lose himself in Lexi, but if she turns out to be a witch, he’ll be forced to kill her when he’d rather be loving her. Their few moments together show that there is definitely heat between them, something Ian wants more of.

Getting Lexi to safety is urgent but the Witches are doing everything to stop them, including kidnapping Ian. Lexi launches a desperate plan to free him. With help from others, she faces the Witches and learns the truth about herself. Along the yellow-brick road, Lexi and Ian’s love blossoms…almost as if it were magic.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Sarah’s Guest Post

What’s In A Name?

One of the most interesting parts of creating a book is coming up with a character’s name. If you think about it a name is so important. It’d be hard to have a sexy action hero with a name that didn’t fit. Could a hero named Doyle save the day? Maybe. But I’d believe it a lot more if the hero’s name was Diesel * cough Vin cough*

When I sit down to write I know a few plot points and the ending of the book. I’m not a plotter by nature, but I don’t dwell on it too much. I do, however, put a lot of thought in what each character’s name will be.

In Fighting for Desire I always knew that the heroine’s name was going to be Shannon. It’s an all-American name and Shannon is an all-American girl. It fit. Dev’s name wasn’t as easy. Part of this is because Dev is based off someone I know in real life. Obviously I didn’t use the real person’s name, but I wanted something that would be true to the character. I went through a few names like ‘Dex’ and ‘Ian’ (which I ended up using in my second novel, “Home In Your Arms”), but none of them felt right.

So what did I do? I pulled out the good old Baby Name Book and began flipping through it. When I saw Devlin it struck a chord. Devlin the Fighter. I liked it. Would his friends call him this, though? No, they would shorten it to Dev. Devlin “Dev” James. YES! It worked. And the name was super sexy. Score!

The secondary characters are fun to name, too. I like to use my friend’s names for these. Mrs. Ingram, the sweet housekeeper is named after my cousin. Johnny Ice, the villain, is named after my friend John. John is the sweetest guy in the world, but his name was too awesome not to use. So if you’re my friend chances are your name might end up in a book.

In my second novel, Home In Your Arms, I had to create names for characters in The Wizard of Oz (Yes, I wrote a ‘dirty Oz’). I couldn’t call a character Lion, Scarecrow, etc. Naming those characters was a lot of fun, though, and I hope the reader picks up on where I got the idea for them. 😉

I’d love to hear from everyone. What names do you love? What names do you hate? Have you ever read a book and thought the name of a character just didn’t fit them?

Interview with Sarah

Here’s my interview with Sarah Bale, author of the contemporary erotic romances, Fighting for Desire and Home in Your Arms. Enjoy getting to know the author! 

Veena: Welcome Sarah! It is so nice to have you on The Author Visits.

Sarah: Thanks for having me Veena.

Veena: So let’s get started. What inspired you to write Fighting for Desire?

Sarah: A friend of mine got into MMA (mixed martial arts) and I found it fascinating. I sat down one night to write a small sample of FfD (Fighting for Desire) to work on it later. 20 pages into it I knew I had to keep going and finish. And I’m so glad I did.

Veena: How long did it take from first draft to release?

Sarah: Almost two years.

Veena: Did the story change significantly from your initial vision to publication?

Sarah: The story didn’t change too much. There was a little rewrite at the end to make Shannon stronger. She kind of came off as a pushover and we (my editor and I) didn’t want the readers to think that she was weak.

Veena: How many iterations of re-writes did the publisher request before FfD hit the printers?

Sarah: We went through two rounds of edits. The first round was pretty intense and the second one was surprisingly easy.

Veena: What is the most satisfying part of the writing process for you?

Sarah: I’d say the most satisfying part of the process is just getting the story out there for others to enjoy. I LOVE hearing people’s reactions to my book.

Veena: I bet. Tell me because my inquiring mind always wants to know this from authors, how much do you plot before you start writing?

Sarah: I actually don’t plot. I know the general story that I want to write and I know the ending. The rest falls into place when I sit down at my keyboard and start typing.

Veena: What is your advice to writers about the path to publication?

Sarah: My advice is NEVER GIVE UP. There are so many ups and downs on the path to publication that it’s easy to get discouraged.

Veena: Sound advice. This business is both solitary and can be disappointing. So Sarah, who are some of your favorite authors?

Sarah: I love Sylvia Day, Christina Lauren, Tiffany Reisz, and Lisa Renee Jones.

Veena: Do you have a writing ritual?

Sarah: I write in the evening, usually after I get off work. I ALWAYS have music playing in the background. Music is a big part of my writing ritual.

Veena: Same, I have to have music playing in the background — it inspires me. Here’s another question I am always interested in hearing the answer to. How do you balance writing and all your other responsibilities?

Sarah: It’s tough, but I try to treat writing as a job – meaning I dedicate time each day to sitting down and writing. I also believe in rewarding myself, so about once a month I try to plan a weekend where I travel and have fun. I’ve discovered that these little mini-trips also help me come up with ideas.

Veena: That’s a great idea i.e. the rewarding system. I need to try that out. What is your favorite scene from FfD?

Sarah: My favorite scene is probably the one where Dev and Shannon go to pack up Shannon’s apartment. I think it shows a lot about both characters and their long history together.

Veena: Tweet about FfD (synopsis) in 140 words or less:

Sarah: A MMA champ runs into the woman who broke his heart eight years ago. Now she has one month to convince him to trust her and forgive her, even if it means letting him find out everything he thought he knew about her was wrong.

Veena: How did you receive your offer from Ellora’s Cave?

Sarah: I actually received my offer from EC via Twitter. One of their acquiring editors saw me on the site and sent me a Direct Message. She asked if I had anything that I could show her, so I sent her FfD, which she loved. I was signed for three books a few days later. That just goes to show how important social media can be for an author.

Veena: That is one of the best stories I’ve heard about a book deal! I am so happy for you! OK Sarah, on to the fun stuff.

Sarah: Sounds great – let’s do it!

a. Favorite junk food? Ice Cream

b. Favorite song? “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

c. Place you’d like most to visit? Ireland

d. Favorite tech gadget? My MacBook Pro or my HTC One Phone.

e. What’s on your nightstand? Alarm clock, bottle of water, and a notepad (so if I wake up at night and need to jot an idea down)

f. Football or soccer? Neither. WWE Wrestling

g. Who is your favorite protagonist of all time? Harry Potter

h. Who is your favorite antagonist of all time? That’s a tough one.

i. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? I think I’d be an editor or an agent. I love books and would have to have them in my life in some way or form.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Sarah!

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Book Information

Sarah's Book

Pages: 274 pages

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. (July 9, 2014)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Weeks before his biggest fight, an MMA champion runs into the woman who broke his heart eight years ago. Now she has one month to convince him to trust her and forgive her, even if it means letting him find out everything he thought he knew about her was wrong.

Inside Scoop: Shannon’s old high-school sweetheart, Dev, gives a whole new meaning to the term “submission wrestling” when he brings out the shackles and chains for a little BDSM fun.

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Introducing Sarah


Sarah Bale’s family always knew she was destined to write romances when they saw the elaborate stories she created for her Barbie dolls as a child. Throughout middle school the writer inside Sarah began to bloom. At fifteen she penned her first book, which will never see the light of day if she has any say.

When Sarah isn’t writing she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. To keep her creative juices flowing she attends WWE live events–who wouldn’t be inspired by all those muscles! She resides in Oklahoma and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

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