The Author Visits Halloween Spotlight – Author M Jet

Halloween Spotlight – Author of Horror and Suspense M Jet


M Jet is an internationally bestselling author of horror, suspense, and dark romance. M Jet resides in a tiny burg in Ohio. Thirty days before graduating with her second college degree, she decided to abandon her eighteen year career in the food and beverage industry to pursue becoming a professional artist and artist. Jet claims creative people are just a little crazy like that. At least, she is… Jet is married to a musician named Adam, whom she claims is “the hottest man alive.” She is also a mother to Jacob and Shiny who share her love of art and literature. On top of all that, Jet is a professional fortune teller and practicing witch.


M Jet’s debut novel was, Mary Contrary: Volume One of the Nursery Rhyme Chronicles. This is a tale of extreme psychological suspense. It is based on actual events, and M Jet encourages readers to speculate and ask her which parts are true, and which parts aren’t. In Mary Contrary, Olive Childress recovers over many years from traumatic childhood events. But the way Olive overcomes struggle may chill, haunt, and frighten you. To the extreme. The second installment of the Nursery Rhyme Chronicles is entitled Six For Gold and is also currently available. In Six For Gold, Olive finds that the troubles she thought she’d laid to rest aren’t as dead and gone as she thought. Get a taste of M Jet’s extreme terror and shocking conclusions in Six! The final installment will be released winter 2015, entitled Throw Him Down the Stairs. Worlds will collide, and readers will be left questioning everything they ever knew to be true… Get a sneak preview of Throw Him Down the Stairs here.


Currently M Jet is working on numerous projects, including three full length novels. For just a hint of what readers have to look forward, let’s just say… Witches. Zombies. Demons. And psychotic fortune tellers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other titles from M Jet available now include: I Killed Collette, Death Wind, The Plain Black Door, I Am Leviathan, Mojo, and High On Her. In October, readers can several horrific new releases from M Jet to feed your Halloween creepy cravings!

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