The Author Visits Tour Stop for Shadow’s Awakening

The Author Visits Tour Stop for Molle McGregor’s Shadow’s Awakening


Tour: Shadow’s Awakening by Molle McGregor
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Shadow’s Awakening
by Molle McGregor
Publication Date: August 21, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance


Hannah Green wants her life back. In the past three years she’s gone from promising graduate student to patient in a mental hospital. Now, she’s being held prisoner by a terrifying group of men who believe she has a mysterious power. She wants to think they’re wrong, but something inside her has changed. If only she could use her p0wer to set herself free.

Conner’s entire life, he’s played by the rules. He’s a soldier. A leader. He knows better than anyone that contact with the Shadows is forbidden. So when a midnight phone call demands he rescue one from a nest of demons, he has no intention of following through. Until he sets eyes on Hannah. Brave, beautiful and determined to survive. Conner can’t walk away.

When you’ve worked so hard to make the right choices, temptation can be a kind of torture. Conner knows he should turn Hannah over to the Shadows. Hannah wants to be grateful for her rescue and let Conner go. But when love and desire bind two strangers together, they have to choose between what they think is right and what they know they need.

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 About Molle McGregor


Molle’s writing career started when she was seven and suffered terrible insomnia. Night after night she couldn’t sleep until long after mid-night, only to wake a few hours later. Frustrated with her inability to just go to bed, (and her penchant for sneaking a book and a flashlight under the covers) her grandmother said, “You like to read so much, why don’t you tell yourself a story until you fall asleep.” With this brilliant advice, Molle’s overactive brain was off and running. Now, years later, she’s finally taught herself to sleep, but she’s never stopped telling stories.

When she’s not reading, writing, or staring into space making things up, Molle is getting into trouble with her husband, two sons, two dogs and vicious attack cat in the mountains of North Carolina. She likes to hike, cook, listen to music way too loud, and hang out with her boys. She does not like dusting or emptying the dishwasher.

“Goddamn Warders,” it said. “Always getting in the way of a good meal. I don’t suppose I can convince you to let me go?” Its voice was oddly cultured, coming from the brutishbody.

Conner laughed. “You must be high if you think I’m going to let you go,” he said.

“This body isn’t as strong as it looks. It’s sick,” the Voratus whined. “I’m not a threat.”

“Right.” Conner shifted the knife to his left hand. With his right he reached into an inner pocket of his duster. His fingers closed around a calix. Palming the copper, dartshaped device, he withdrew it and lowered his hand out of the demon’s line of sight. “I’m sure you’re going to take this opportunity to join a knitting club. No more raping and killing prostitutes?”

“I wasn’t going to kill her!” the Voratus protested.

“Just rape her,” Conner said, not trying to hide the sarcasm. He thumbed the protective tip off the sharp point of the calix.

“She’s a hooker. It’s not really rape,” the Voratus said, dismissing his victim. “It’s not like I’m staking out grade schools.” It watched the knife, waiting for Conner’s attack.

“I don’t care if she is a prostitute,” Conner said. “She’s human, which makes her mine.”

“You Warders.” The thing shook its head in derision. “I don’t know why you waste your time on the humans. You could rule their world and instead you run around protecting them. They aren’t worth it.”

Conner didn’t bother to respond. The Warders had been created thousands of years ago for the express purpose of protecting humanity from the Vorati. It was what they did.

Conner couldn’t imagine walking away, abandoning the fragile human race to face a predator they had no idea existed. Few of his kind ever reconsidered their mission.

With no opposition to the Vorati, the world they shared withhost body with violent force, trapping the demon’s essence in the flat copper bulb at the end of the dart. Conner watched the light fade from the demon’s eyes as a familiar rush of sound told him the calix was doing its job.

When the alley was silent again except for the rain, Conner pulled the copper dart easily from the body. The next day Conner would deliver it to the Warder Citadel where they’d store the full calix with the others. Someday, when they discovered a way to destroy the Vorati completely, the immense warehouse would be purged of centuries of evil.

But that was the future. Right now Conner was going to get out of this damned rain and meet Kiernan for a beer.


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