The Author Visits Reviews Elise’s Choice

The Author Visits Reviews Elise’s ChoiceElise's Choice Published by Self on August 12, 2014
Genres: YA Romance
Pages: 468
Format: eARC

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Note - I received the eARC in return for an unbiased review of Elise's Choice.

Review by: Veena Kashyap

Elise's Choice is the debut novel by Rachel Stiber. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing and interesting storyline set forth by this pleasing YA romance.

The story opens with a young girl on her birthday. Celeste is thrilled when her grandmama hands her a book. The books shares the tale of Elise, Anton and King Ludiford.

Elise and Anton are simple people, childhood friends who grow up together in the unique little medieval village of Petheralm. But as time passes, their friendship grows into a deep bond of love. Their perfect little world is disrupted by the intrusion of a selfish and brutal king who falls in love with Elise.

The story ends with a twist and I am not certain whether this book is the start of a series however, if judging by where we leave off, I suspect there is more to come and I will be looking forward to reading the next installment.

Stiber's writing is clean and fluid. The story is well-developed well-written and well-edited. For a debut, it is promising and I believe Stiber definitely has something to be proud of in her first published work.

The writing lends itself beautifully to the setting of the book and the period.

Ancillary characters prove to add dimension and support to the story rather than detracting from it. However, there are times when the story does veer a little bit away from the mainline and that doesn’t necessarily add to the overall plot. Still, that isn’t a deal breaker for a reader.

If you enjoy YA romance, Elise’s Choice is a treat.

My rating - a must read!



The Author Visits Reviews Elise’s Choice

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