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Born of Fury Book Cover Born of Fury
The League Series
Sherrilyn Kennyon
Romance - Science Fiction
St. Martin's Press
July 1, 2014

Born of Fury is the seventh installment in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League Series. The book follows the trials of Andarion warrior and founding member of The Sentella, Hauk and Sumi Antaxas, a League assassin sent to gather intel on the warrior and his Sentella brethren.

At six hundred and eighty-seven pages, Born of Fury is a hefty read. However, if you are a Kenyon fan, then you’ll rip through the pages as the story of the budding romance between these two flawed warriors comes alive on the pages.

I am getting tired of books that focus on sex first and story later. In this case, Born of Fury was well balanced which was exacting given the nature of the Andarion laws that for so long, prevent Hauk from forming a bond with any female save the woman to whom he is pledged.

There was plenty of room for good storytelling and I enjoyed reading about the evolution of Hauk and Sumi’s love story against a backdrop of war, lies and betrayal.

The story unfolds as Hauk, his nephew Darice, and Thia, the daughter of Sentella warrior and Hauk’s best friend, Nyk undertake a right of passage known as the Endurance.

Hauk is plagued by memories of his own Endurance, a traumatic event that leaves his elder brother Keris dead. The aftermath of his Endurance is ugly. His family has all but disowned him, believing him to be the cause of his brother’s demise, labeling him a coward and a defect and staining his esteemed family’s lineage.

As Hauk struggles to deal with his nephew’s obvious disdain, Hauk finds a wounded League assassin.

Enter Sumi Antaxas. With a past as equally as ugly as Hauk’s, Sumi comes after Hauk for one reason, gather intel on him and the Sentella for Kyr, the head of The League and a sworn enemy of The Sentella. The League, a corrupt organization of down-right dirty assassins rules the Ichidan Universe with an iron fist and doesn’t take kindly to The Sentella, a group of renegade warriors hell-bent on taking down The League once and for all.

Sumi has been forced to barter her baby’s life for the intel and is desperate, willing to take any and all risks to get Kalea back. Leveraging history between Hauk and Sumi, she has no choice but to use any means necessary to get what she wants, that is until she realizes Hauk isn’t anything like what she believed him to be.

The remainder of the story maps the course of Hauk and Sumi’s blooming love and ultimately, their redemption. Of course, the help of the Hauk’s loyal Sentella brethren was a welcome inclusion as Hauk and Sumi struggle then overcome the many conflicts they face singularly and as a duo.

Sherrilyn Kenyon loves to write about flawed alpha males with impossible pasts who despite the ugliness they’ve experienced, have hearts of gold. Her female protagonists are strong, vibrant and equally flawed making for some interesting character hook-ups.

Hauk may be the fiercest warrior however, it’s a miracle his belligerent family doesn’t break him enough for him to miss the opportunity at finding and the fighting for what he loves.

Although a highly skilled assassin and kick-ass heroine, Sumi has the heart of motherly gold winning over the almost demonic Darice with kindness and understanding.

As much as I love the familial bonds between the Sentella warriors, their wives and kids, it was almost a bit too perfect. But I am a sap and cheered on for Hauk, Nykyrian, Fain, Syn, Shahara, Caillen, Des, Kiara and the rest of the gang as they went after Kyr and the League. Having Sumi fight for her man’s hand and honor was a great twist.

There is plenty of spilled blood, blaster battles, romance and just the right amount of backstory to keep you fully invested in reading to the end.

However, Kenyon continues to follow formulaic story telling – if it wasn’t for the engaging backstories, the history in Andarion culture and the camaraderie between some of my favorite League characters, Born of Fury would be tough to finish.

There were some editing issues with the copy but nothing that made me go hmmm.

If you are a fan of The League Series, then I recommend you continue with Born of Fury.

It’s a must read!

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The Author Visits Reviews Born of Fury by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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