The Author Visits Reviews Blood Torn

The Author Visits Reviews Blood TornBlood Torn by Lindsay J. Pryor
Series: The Blackthorn Series (Book 3)
Published by Bookouture on
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 468
Format: eBook

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The Author Visits Review Blood Torn 

Review by: Veena Kashyap

Blood Torn is the third installment in Lindsay J. Pryor’s paranormal romance series, Blackthorn.

A fan of the author and the series, Blood Torn was a welcome read albeit one that left me characteristically disappointed that I would need to wait at least another six months or more before the next installment. But good things definitely come to those who wait, so I wait patiently.

My favorite book in the series is by far Blood Shadows and not being a fan of lycans in general, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Blood Torn.

Jask Tao was originally featured as an ancillary character in Blood Shadows. But Blood Torn is his story.

As the story unfolds, we are immediately introduced to Jask Tao, the leader of the lycans and Sophia or Phia, a member of The Alliance, a rebel organization that has come under fire and who suddenly and under precarious circumstances learns she is a serryn (a powerful witch with lethal blood that can kill vampires.) Jask takes Phia against her will and so begins the story of the lycan and the serryn.

Sparks fly the moment these two come face-to-face and you know you are in for a treat as the conflict between these two rip-roars off the page. At first, Jask isn't sure what to make of the fierce Phia but soon, Jask realizes Phia is his golden ticket, a prize the vampires would pay dearly for. But it's hard to offer up the prize when Jask and Phia share an explosive chemistry that is rather hard to ignore for both.

Phia, who is pig-headed with a penchant for speaking before thinking and a polar opposite to Jask's cool, calm front, starts to evolve just enough to realize the kind of plight Jask and his pack are in when the supply of the herbal concoction they take to hide their true nature is dwindling and fast and she wants nothing more than to help him.

But Phia has her own issues to deal with when her blood turns poisonous, a rare trait that can mean only one thing, her sister Leila (introduced in Blood Roses,) is in trouble and manages to escape Jask's captivity only to come back of her own willingness. Somewhere along the way, the immature Phia realizes Jask is a stellar kind-of guy who has planted himself in her heart and her once childish antics turn serious and she is all about doing the right thing despite her own many misgivings.

The story, like Blood Shadows and Blood Roses before it, is a love story that develops while the characters are exercising duty, duty to their loved ones, to their position, to their race. That same theme holds true in Blood Torn where Jask and Phia grow together, torn then bonded by their duty to their families respectively.

Again, the author’s fluid writing style kept me glued to the pages. But more than her taIent for words is her ability to create a complex world while intersecting character storylines adeptly. Blood Torn does not disappoint as the series takes many twists and turns, building on secrets that haunt these characters, driving them to the extremes, thereby adding layers and creating dimension and depth that is not often seen in paranormal romance.

Fair warning! As a reader of the series, it is advisable that new readers start with Blood Shadows then progress to Blood Roses and Blood Torn in that order. Blood Torn makes many references to past characters and storylines, weaving them into Jask and Phia’s story as a continuation of the overall arc of Blackthorn series.

If you haven’t picked up the books in The Blackthorn Series, you are doing yourself a disservice as a reader.

But going back to Blood Torn, the book is elegant, fiery and elaborate with equal parts heat and love mixed in for good measure. Can't wait for Blood Deep to release!

My rating – a must read!

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