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Murderous Lies Book Cover Murderous Lies
Chantel Rhondeau
Romantic Suspense

Note: A copy of this book was provided by Chantel Rhondeau in return for an honest review by The Author Visits team.

Murderous Lies, the latest installment from author, Chantel Rhondeau is my first foray into the romantic suspense genre. I enjoyed the adventure. 

Max Kensington, falsely accused of a string of murders, is finally absolved of his crimes and released from prison. It’s been a tough eight years but returning home is no walk in the park, receiving a less than stellar reception from his ex-friends and neighbors. He has only one reason for coming home. Rosemary Spelling. 

Rosemary Spelling has lost everything after the tragic murder of her younger sister. Her parents have divorced with her dad out of the picture and her mother now in a mental institution. Rose is trying hard to manage but having given up her college dream to pick up the pieces of her tragic life hasn’t been easy.

When Max and Rose do finally come face-to-face, it’s an emotionally charged exchange where old feelings come rushing to the surface, feelings that Rose cannot deny. 

The pace picks up fast when someone leaves a threatening message at Rose’s door and Max is labeled the default suspect. Despite what hatred she does feel for Max, she soon realizes, her ex-lover may be innocent and soon partners with Max to find her sister’s killer.

Bodies start dropping but Rose is steadfast in her defense of Max. That is until she becomes the victim of a murderous plot. Then all hell erupts.

I enjoyed this swift novel. The plot had enough twists and turns to keep me reading and there is certainly something endearing about two people who love each other and are torn apart under the worst of circumstances, find their way back.

The climax of the story was rather brilliant. Chantel planted enough clues but I was certainly taken a bit by surprise at the unveiling of the murderer. 

However, there were moments between Rose and Max that erred on the juvenile. Some of the dialogue left me feeling like Rose and Max were still two kids in high school trying to play in a grown-up world.

Chantel’s style has ebbs and flows, where the writing is superfluous when it needed to be tightened and bare when I wanted more. Still, she is seasoned with several books under her belt and I expect to see more maturity as time progresses.

Happily-ever-after in romance comes with a heavy price and in this case, both Max and Rose have paid plenty. 

If you are on the lookout for a novel with plenty of romance and a good dose of suspense, I suggest you pick up Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau. It’s a must read!

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The Author Visits presents Chantel Rhondeau author of the romantic suspense, Murderous Lies.

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July 15 – Interview with Chantel

July 16 –  Review of Murderous Lies

July 18 – Guest post by Chantel 

July 19 – What’s next and announce winner of author gift

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What’s next?

Chantel’s Saturday Teaser

Love & Compromise (Agents in Love – Book 3)

Release Date: October 24, 2014

Genre: Romantic Suspense

 Chantel's Next Book

The last thing Jenessa Jones wanted was to be stuck with President Sharp’s stuffy son, Kole, but when a killer strikes in Washington D.C., President Sharp requests that she be assigned to the case. As more members of the board fighting against S.A.T.O. receive threats or their family members end up attacked, Jenessa and Kole race to find the killer, all while fighting their growing attraction.


The smell of musky cologne pulled her from her gloomy thoughts, and Jenessa glanced over her shoulder. The handsome man she’d noticed at the beginning of the evening stood at her shoulder, looking at her. She thought she caught him watching her earlier, but she’d been too shy to approach him.

He was dressed in a black business suit and dark brown hair fell across his forehead. What most caught her attention was how his angular features somehow worked quite well with his intense brown eyes and full lips.

A partial scowl contorted his face into something less than handsome, and Jenessa gulped nervously. He didn’t appear happy to be near her, so why did he come over? It didn’t seem he wanted to ask for a dance.

“So, you’re the woman I’m supposed to fall madly in love with?” He studied her for a second, tapping his index finger against his lips. “I guess you’ll have to do.”

Too shocked for words, Jenessa struggled to close her gaping mouth. How rude could someone be?

Shelley had no such problem, catching Jenessa’s eye before glaring at the man. “Is that supposed to be a pick up line, jerk? You need major work.” She made a shooing motion with her hand. “Come back when you’ve learned some manners, you as—” She snuck a glance at Josephine. “You assuming man, you.”

Instead of leaving, he pulled out the chair next to Jenessa and plopped into it. “Excuse my lack of manners.” Regardless of the words, he didn’t sound apologetic. He stuck his hand out and Jenessa shook it automatically. “I’m Kole Sharp. You know, the man you’re madly in love with.”

Jenessa glanced at Shelley and Madeline, hoping they would come to her rescue. While she’d wished for a date, she wanted someone less arrogant, who actually knew how to treat a lady.

When both women shrugged, Jenessa turned back to the man. “I don’t know if you think we know each other, Kole, or if you’re just really bad with women. In either case, I’m not going to be speaking with you again, let alone falling madly in love.” She favored him with the dirtiest look she could manage. “Go away.”

Kole’s eyes narrowed and his frown deepened. “What’s your problem?”

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 Interview with Chantel

Chantel Rhondeau is a romantic suspense / mystery writer. Her latest release is Murderous Lies.

Veena: Welcome Chantel!

Chantel: Hi Veena!

Veena: Congratulations on your latest release, Murderous Lies! I enjoyed the book — never having read romantic suspense. Rather twisted, might I say!

Chantel: Author Smiles!

Veena: OK, let’s get started. Let’s talk some craft. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Chantel: I was actually really late to the writing game. I always figured I was destined to be a reader. It wasn’t until about seven years ago when I couldn’t find a book I wanted to read that I decided to write my own. I’ve never looked back.

Veena: Great reason to write and not a bad way to learn you have a knack for storytelling. Are you a plotter or pantser?

Chantel: Definite pantser. Something about knowing the answer to the mystery beforehand kills the fun for me. I like discovering things as they happen. Usually I go into a book knowing all about the characters secrets and desires and values, and things unfold naturally from there.

Veena: I know that feeling but am finding plotting, especially when I hit the mid point is almost necessary for me. What is the most challenging thing for you about writing?

Chantel: Having a full-time job and a family, for sure. If it were up to me, I would spend all day doing nothing but working on my stories. Sometimes, being a responsible adult is tough work!

Veena: Now that is something I know first-hand. It’s hard juggling it all isn’t it?

Chantel: Nods in agreement.

Veena: Who or what inspires you to write?

Chantel: The noisy characters in my head. They never, ever stop talking. I have to write it down just to get some peace!

Veena: Moving on to some fun stuff! What are you reading now?

Chantel: I do a lot of beta reading for authors I know. Currently, I’m reading Denise Moncrief’s upcoming romantic suspense book. I’m also working on River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Veena: Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Chantel: That is tough. I love the beach, it is my favorite place, and I would love to go to Hawaii or somewhere else tropical, but I’ve always longed to visit Paris, too.

Veena: Paris is beautiful. One of my favorite! If you could be any character in a book, who would you be and why?

Chantel: Any of the Dragon Riders of Pern because, well… DRAGONS! LOL – I love the idea of having a telepathic dragon as my best friend.

Veena: Dragons are the bomb! Who is your favorite author?

Chantel: I have many… Traditionally published authors would be Jayne Ann Krentz and Mary Higgins Clark at the very top. Indie authors include Rachelle Ayala and Michele Shriver as my favorites, but I’m discovering new, great authors every day! Part of the perks of this job, I get to read a great many wonderful books.

Veena: Michele Shriver is one of my faces too! Love her! What is your must have tech gadget?

Chantel: I’m lost without my laptop and have a severe Facebook addiction. Also, my Smart Phone is a necessity. Since I have a horrible sense of direction, I love having the built in GPS on my phone!

Veena: Don’t we all have a severe (albeit secret) addiction to Facebook? Last question. What’s your favorite junk-food?

Chantel: Gosh… I’ve been trying so hard to improve my lifestyle. It hurts to even think of this **wink** As much as I really do love chocolate and Pepsi, I can stay away from them with enough will power. But, I’m severely addicted to potato chips. No matter how good I try to be, they call for me!

Veena: This has been great Chantel. Thanks! I look forward to chatting again!

Chantel: You’re welcome. Look forward to my next visit!

Book Information

Chantel's Book

Book Title: Murderous Lies

Genre: Romantic Suspense / Mystery

Publisher: Self

Page Count: 197 pages

Release Date: June 30, 2014

Book blurb: Imprisoned for murders he didn’t commit, Max Kensington is exonerated after eight years when a new witness steps forward. He returns to his hometown and no one’s happy to see him, least of all his ex-fiancée, Rosemary Spelling. 

Max’s return forces Rose to confront her feelings about the past. The day he killed her sister ruined Rose’s life, destroying her family and landing her mother in a mental institution. 

When someone leaves a bloody threat on Rose’s porch, the police jump to conclusions, assuming Max is after revenge. Rose isn’t so sure. She begins questioning Max’s guilt, wondering if someone is trying to cover up what really happened to her sister. 

All Max wants is his life back and a chance to regain Rose’s love. To get that, he has to catch the killer. His obsessive need for justice drives his actions, but the murderer seems a step ahead. When new bodies surface, evidence points to Max as the culprit. Now he could lose everything when the killer zeroes in on a new target…Rose. 

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About Chantel Rhondeau

Chantel Pic

I once thought a great mystery or fantasy book with strong romantic themes was the highest level of reading bliss. After reading my first romantic suspense novel, I never looked back. Before long, the need to create my own stories took over. I spend my days in the clinical profession of medical transcriptionist, but my passion is in the blissful hours spent with my characters in the evenings.

I live in the western United States, and when I’m not writing I love playing cards with my family, bowling, and snuggling with my lazy kitties.

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