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2015 Book Series Reading List

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I’m a fan of The Book Series. Bullshit. I am not a fan of The Book Series. I lied. The problem with The Book Series is simple. I don’t want to wait another three hundred and sixty-five days for the next book to be released. It’s genius marketing. First hook the reader then leave them floundering in desperation until the next…
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The Author Visits Reviews GunKnight

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Title: GunKnight Series: The GunKnight Chronicles Author: Cynthia and Scott Green Genre: Science Fiction Western Publisher: Self Release Date: April 15, 2014 Format: eBook Pages: 276 Note: The Author Visits received a copy of GunKnight in exchange for an honest review. Review provided by Kristin Lundgren from team The Author Visits. One part Halo, one…
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The Author Visits Spotlights R. A. Smith

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The Author Visits Spotlights R. A. Smith Calendar of Events Monday, October 20: Introducing R. A. Smith; Kick-off Giveaway; Interview with author Tuesday, October 21: Excerpt from Oblivion Storm Wednesday, October 22: Excerpt from Primal Storm Thursday, October 23: R. A. Smith’s Blog Post Friday, October 24: What’s Next for R. A. Saturday, October 25: Review Oblivion…
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The Author Visits Spotlights Anika Arrington


The Author Visits Presents Anika Arrington Calendar of Events Sunday, October 12: Author Introduction; Introduce Trailer; Kick-off Giveaway Monday, October 13: Interview with Anika Tuesday, October 14: Guest Blog by Anika Wednesday, October 15: Excerpt from The Accidental Apprentice Thursday, October 16: Review of The Accidental Apprentice Friday, October 17: What’s Next for Anika Saturday, October 18: Announce Winner of Giveaway Follow Anika: Buy The Accidental Apprentice…
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The Author Visits Presents J. Kathleen Cheney

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The Author Visits Presents a Week with J. Kathleen Cheney Calendar of Events Sunday, September 21: Author Introduction; Kick-off Giveaway Monday, September 22: Interview with J. Kathleen Tuesday, September 23: The Author Visits Reviews The Seat of Magic Wednesday, September 24: An Excerpt from The Seat of Magic Thursday, September 25: J. Kathleen’s Guest Post…
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The Author Visits Recommends

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The Author Visits Recommends The last few months I’ve been on a roll, reading anywhere from six to eight books in a month at minimum, some good, some not so good and some in between. So I thought I’d pull together the first of many list of book recommendations and share. The books represent a…
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The Author Visits Reviews The Seat of Magic

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Title: The Seat of Magic Series: A Novel of the Golden City (Book 2) Author: J. Kathleen Cheney Genre: Fantasy with Elements of Romance Publisher: Roc Trade Release Date: July 1, 2014 Format: Paperback Pages: 400 pages Note – I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. These opinions are…
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The Author Visits Reviews Shadow of the Last Men


The Author Visits Reviews Shadow of the Last Men  Follow Jason on the web at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Amazon | Goodreads

The Author Visits Presents Tex Thompson

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The Author Visits presents Tex Thompson, debut author of Fantasy Western, One Night in Sixes. Calendar of Events Sunday, July 27 – Author Introduction; Kick-off Gift Giveaway Monday, July 28 – Part 1 – Interview with Tex Tuesday, July 29 – Release Day and Review of One Night in Sixes Wednesday, July 30 – Part 2 – Interview with Tex…
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The Author Visits Reviews One Night in Sixes

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Title: One Night in Sixes Series: Children of the Drought One Author: Tex Thomspon Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Western Publisher: Solaris Release Date: July 29, 2014 Format: Paperback Pages: 464 Note – I received a copy of this book from Netgalley as I still wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive from Amazon. The opinions stated…
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