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2015 Book Series Reading List

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I’m a fan of The Book Series. Bullshit. I am not a fan of The Book Series. I lied. The problem with The Book Series is simple. I don’t want to wait another three hundred and sixty-five days for the next book to be released. It’s genius marketing. First hook the reader then leave them floundering in desperation until the next…
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#WW Wisdom Wednesday – Paying for Editing


Why Should I Pay for Editing? Today on #WW Wisdom Wednesday, The Author Visits presents Ally Bishop, writer, editor, marketing extraordinaire and the brains behind Upgrade Your Story as she discusses the topic of professional editing services and why writers should invest their time and money in professional editing. It’s a great question, and one I get…
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The Author Visits Spotlights Joanne Kershaw

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The Author Visits Spotlights Joanne Kershaw Calendar of Events Monday, October 27: Interview with Joanne; Kick-off Giveaway Tuesday, October 28: Excerpt from Foretold Wednesday, October 29: Excerpt from Reflected Thursday, October 30: Guest Post by Joanne Friday, October 31: Review of Foretold Saturday, November 1: Review of Reflected Sunday, November 2: Announce Winner of Giveaway Giveaway…
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The Author Visits Spotlights R. A. Smith

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The Author Visits Spotlights R. A. Smith Calendar of Events Monday, October 20: Introducing R. A. Smith; Kick-off Giveaway; Interview with author Tuesday, October 21: Excerpt from Oblivion Storm Wednesday, October 22: Excerpt from Primal Storm Thursday, October 23: R. A. Smith’s Blog Post Friday, October 24: What’s Next for R. A. Saturday, October 25: Review Oblivion…
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The Author Visits Spotlights Anika Arrington


The Author Visits Presents Anika Arrington Calendar of Events Sunday, October 12: Author Introduction; Introduce Trailer; Kick-off Giveaway Monday, October 13: Interview with Anika Tuesday, October 14: Guest Blog by Anika Wednesday, October 15: Excerpt from The Accidental Apprentice Thursday, October 16: Review of The Accidental Apprentice Friday, October 17: What’s Next for Anika Saturday, October 18: Announce Winner of Giveaway Follow Anika: Buy The Accidental Apprentice…
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#WW Wisdom Wednesday


#WW Wisdom Wednesday – Why Publicity Counts Let’s go back a few years, shall we? Back when we first discovered our passion for writing. For some of us, we were but wee brains, barely understanding the compulsion to create stories and fashion narratives. Others have explored their storytelling talents as adults and found the joy of…
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The Author Visits Presents Alma Alexander

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Title: Random Series: The Were Chronicles Author: Alma Alexander Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Publisher: Dark Quest Books Release Date: October, 2014 Format: ARC Note: The Author Visits received a copy of Random in exchange for a honest review. Random is the first book in The Were Chronicles, a young adult paranormal fantasy series. It’s been a…
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New Music on My Playlist

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New Music on My Playlist Although I profess to be a book-aholic, music is an equally important part of my life. I have no God-given musical talents. You don’t want to hear me sing and I tried my hand at the flute when I was 10 and I went down in flames trying to learn…
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Don’t Infringe on My Right to Read


Don’t Infringe on My Right to Read – A Rant In the land of country clubs, debutante balls and the Bushes, parents in Highland Park, an affluent Dallas suburb forced Highland Park ISD to ban seven books from the high-school reading list citing the books contained explicit use of foul language, sexual content, drug use and…
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The Author Visits Recommends

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The Author Visits Recommends The last few months I’ve been on a roll, reading anywhere from six to eight books in a month at minimum, some good, some not so good and some in between. So I thought I’d pull together the first of many list of book recommendations and share. The books represent a…
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