The Author Visits – A Place for Author Publicity!

Author Publicity for the budding and seasoned author!

I can’t believe what started as a conversation over dinner with good friends JD Spero, Michele ShriverZetta Stevenson and Marilyn Tucker, turned into The Author Visits, a place where readers and authors connect! My vision for The Author Visits is a place for author publicity, a place where a readers and authors can create an everlasting relationship through their love of written words.


I’ve always wanted to do something like this, something creative that supports the author community. The Author Visits is just that project – what’s better than supporting author publicity any way I can.

The Author Visits hopes to be a premier launching ground for self and traditionally published authors, a platform where they can build and connect with their readership. The goal is to provide an elegant solution to an author’s publicity needs, focused on the use of digital media (press releases, professional media kits, web site evaluation and design, logo evaluation and design, etc.) to set an author apart.

Augment that with an author visit on this site along with blog tours and social media visibility and an author has the makings of a solid publicity framework that can be replicated for SUCCESS! The goal is to create a lot of buzz for authors without breaking the bank!

For now, the mission of The Author Visits is to get the word out about a group of uber-talented authors and help them make there works of words shine!

Enjoy your visit and check-back regularly for updates to the schedule.



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